Too Much Heart.


Either you hate them or you love them but there is no denying that the Supernatural fandom has a gif for everything 



At first I was a little upset. This would not even moderately be a fair fight with Cas in the state he’s in. Crowley wouldn’t even tussle with him when he was off his rocker. So why now.
But then I looked at Crowley’s face, and he’s not angry. He’s doesn’t even look moderately aggressive.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s sad. But he does look upset.
Maybe he came in during the aftermath of the fight.
And maybe. While I’ll admit I have been reaching for anything that might save Cas. Maybe Crowley will still be feeling a bit of humanity. And maybe he will be able to help Cas survive the stolen grace burning out inside of him.

What’s with the vial Crowley is holding? Maybe it’s the one that was holding Cas’ grace…? Could it be
another angel’s grace?
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How to express love in Dean's and Cas' ways.
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Don't care if he's guilty, don't care if he's not
He's good and he's bad and he's all that I've got
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I'm begging you please
Don't take that sinner from me
Oh don't take that sinner from me

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