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       Was she alright?

"I suppose so."
{There was something about this man… something Mahia couldn’t place.}

  “I can see them you know. Your wings. Besides that, you’ve come a long way from the first day I met you.”
He smiled softly his mind fading black for a second.

"Let me help you remember." 


He walked up putting his hand up to her forehead, the memories of her and Castiel, being together on Delphon. Being in the Lab, Castiel sacrificing himself to gain you time to escape. But then your remember, Castiel isn’t his real name. It’s Jimmy. Jimmy Novak. He’s been fractured, torn and twisted into what you see before you. Powerful but confused.



"He-llo!" The girl hollered, attempting by this point now to just wake him up instead of being quiet. "Fucking finally!" She exclaimed, tossing Jimmy’s pack his way. "We gotta get outta here, there’s more of those guys from before out there."

"Wh- Again! Damn!" 

He scattered up, getting his gun out and checking for bullets. He had enough.

"Stay close Ellie"

    He slowly opened the door to the next room, checking for enemies. Clear. He started to slowly crouch walk to the next room but stopped and whispered.

   Jimmy made his way out into the hallway and from outside there where three armed men, searching. He signals Ellie to stay put as he makes his way to the door. 

Dreaming. That’s what Jimmy was doing. Dreaming of a simpler time, a time where he was carefree. A time when his family was still alive. He heard a girls voice, small hands shaking him forcing his heavy eyes to open, fracturing back into reality. 


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     ”To help me? Why would you wish to…?”
{To say that she was skeptical would have been kind.}
        “Alright… Castiel… In what way would you be able to help me?”


 ”I’ve known you for a long time but before that- are you alright?”

His tone and body language wasn’t threatening. It was almost, familiar. 

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my dad is a senior software engineer at Google
this is his work laptop


he takes it to company meetings

I’ve been told he has received many compliments

Marry him.

did you read the post




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Threaten my muse with the following:


  • “I got something that belongs to you.”
  • “Let’s see how loud you scream.”
  • “When I find you, you’ll be sorry.”
  • “You better run.”
  • “I only want to see you bleed.”
  • “Mine is going to be the last face you’ll ever see.”
  • “Begging won’t help you, dear.”
  • “I always like to start with the toes.”
  • “Scream for me before I kill you.”
  • “Shut up before I do something I’ll regret.”


                  I want you to be H A P P Y.
                  I want you to L A U G H a lot.

                                    I don’t know what exactly
                                    I’ll be able to do for you, but

                                                      I’ll always be by your S I D E.

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